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Our Professional Services

At GoalPros, we're committed to enhancing your athletic facilities with a comprehensive suite of services. Our team brings expertise, dedication, and a commitment to quality to every project we work on, ensuring your facilities are always at their best.

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Batting Practice

Goal Post Painting

At GoalPros, our services are designed to meet a wide range of needs for athletic facilities. We offer a unique on-site goal post painting service that revitalizes your goal posts, restoring their vibrant color and extending their lifespan. Over time, goal posts can lose their vibrant color due to weather and wear, so our team revitalizes your goal posts, restoring their original color and extending their lifespan.

Installation and Maintenance

Our team provides professional installation services for all types of athletic facility equipment. Our team is trained and experienced in handling a variety of equipment, ensuring safe and correct installation. We take great care during the installation process to minimize disruption to your facility and ensure the longevity of your equipment. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services, a key element to keeping your equipment in top shape and preventing potential issues before they arise. Our comprehensive maintenance services extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensure it continues to perform at its best.


Additional Facility Equipment Services

Our services extend beyond the basics. At GoalPros, we handle goal foundation and assembly, ensuring your goals are secure and correctly set up. We also manage various netting systems, including tension, perimeter, and retractable options, and can provide padding services for new installations and padding vinyl renewal projects. Our services also offer dugout furnishings, including modular dugout installations, in addition to installing stand-alone or building-supported batting tunnels. We can even handle installing and maintaining foul poles and provide windscreen services to protect your field and enhance player focus. Our team can also handle many other miscellaneous components related to athletic facilities – just give us a call, and we can discuss what’s needed for your project.


For All Your Facility Equipment Needs, Contact GoalPros Today!


Choosing GoalPros for your athletic facility equipment needs means having a partner dedicated to your project and its needs. We're committed to delivering top-tier service, exceptional quality, and innovative solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our focus is on saving you time and money while ensuring your facilities are always at their best. With GoalPros, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner invested in your success.


Discover the GoalPros difference today! Reach out to us for a free quote, and let us help you elevate your athletic facilities for game day.

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