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About GoalPros

How it Started

Brothers Nate and Chad Rockefeller occupy a highly specialized niche in the sports equipment industry. After working a combined 14 years at one of the nation’s top manufacturers, they left the industry to start their own business specializing in painting, remodeling, and restoring residential homes. Over the years the brothers kept ties within the sports construction world, occasionally accepting opportunities for athletic installations and other specialty services. Their reputation as a reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable team made them a valuable asset for unique, custom jobs, including the installation and restoration of football goal posts.

GoalPros was created to bridge a gap between two previously unrelated industries that Nate and Chad have spent decades perfecting. Prior to the formation of GoalPros, it was evident that teams across the nation had long struggled with faded goal posts too new to replace and too logistically challenging to send back for refinishing. In developing a fast, efficient, onsite process for factory-finish application of proven, high performance paint, GoalPros delivers unparalleled value and great, lasting results. 

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